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All assistance is carried out by a well-trained staff with years of experience in high level customer service and port operations. Attention to detail is the key to success!

Berth Booking

Luise Adriatic partners with dozens of ports and marinas throughout the area of coverage. Vessels of all sizes can be accommodated for both short-term and long-term stays.

Arrival / Departure Formalities & Clearances

The complex nature of today’s port bureaucracy requires tremendous precision and advance lead time. Customs, Immigration, Harbour Master, Port Sanitation and various other entities work closely with Luise to ensure all vessels adhere to local laws, rules and regulations.

Port Interface

Sailing from port to port can be challenging with regards to the various port actors and local authorities. Luise Adriatic acts as an extension of the yacht by keeping close relationships with these players, eliminating surprises upon arrival and making sure that geographical movements remain seamless and worry-free.

Luxury Transportation & Logistical Support

Guest transfers are made easy through Luise Adriatic’s large network of colleagues operating private jet FBO’s and luxury limousine companies. For product and supply shipments, partnerships with warehousing and customs handlers get the goods onboard in a timely manner.

24h Guests Concierge

All the Luise offices operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No request is too large nor too small when it comes to satisfying the various needs of all owners and guests onboard. Pre- and post- cruising concierge is also available for guests embarking or disembarking.

Tours, Excursions & Experiences

The fun of travel is more enhanced with the wide-array of options presented by Luise Adriatic. Whether with popular attractions or off the grid experiences, tailor-made events are a must-do when visiting any of the ports and cities along an Adriatic itinerary.

Provisions, Floral Arrangements & Interior Supplies

The provisions department within Luise Adriatic has a wealth of knowledge as to the needs of yacht chefs, stewards and stewardesses. Years of procuring and distributing only the highest quality of products has resulted in the department being given consistently high marks of satisfaction by industry professionals.

Technical Support, Repairs & Bunkering

Small emergency repairs and major shipyard refits both fall into the category of support that Luise Adriatic offers its customers, as the agency is well placed in many shipyards throughout the Adriatic. Duty-free and duty-paid bunkering is also made available through the trusted suppliers used in various ports along the coast.

Crew assistance

Luise is especially proud to offer a dedicated assistance to the crews of any sized vessel. Visa letters, healthcare appointments, travel arrangements, accommodation and leisure activities are all among the many services included in a thorough list of options available to crew and their families.

Banking & Notary Services

Private and discreet banking and notary services are available at all of Luise Adriatic offices, including but not limited to cash to master, translation of documents and notarization of contracts.

Video & Photography

Birthday parties, anniversaries and family vacations can be remembered better when captured on film or video and Luise Adriatic can organize it all. Drone services are also available to film the yacht in stages of arrival, departure or while docked in prestigious locations.