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With years of professional experience we can offer your best way to enjoy our beautiful and unique city with a tailor made service based on our wide understanding of the yachting needs and the deep knowledge of the local possibilities and best solutions. This is our trademark and our aim. We don’t settle with what we have we look forward for the new challenges and new possibilities to offer. Entering on the Private Area you will be able to discover what we have in store for you!


info Informations

City Center berths

  • Max Length: +100 mt
  • Max Draft: 7 m
  • fresh water supply
  • 24/7 Check-in


  • Max Length: 65 m
  • Max Draft: 4,5 m
  • electrical power supply
  • fresh water supply
  • 24/7 Check-in

Venice is one of the most famous and ancient port in Italy, but it always keeps up with new regulations and challenges. The port is open 24/7 and for yachts there are several berthing option. You can chose between the city centre berth and the two Marina. Pilot on board and mooring assistance is compulsory over 500 GRT, while tugs are compulsory over 2000 GRT unless the bow thrusters are in good efficiency. Anyway, Tugs always compulsory over 4000 GRT. The port entrance for these berths is “Lido” and for yachts 300 GRT VTS rules must be followed.

Provisions and more

With our network we can reach for you a vast variety of local and international products. Our experienced specialized provisions team can be the chef’s best assistance. Get our provisions list and contact us.


Visiting the city

Live unique experiences in Venice

Our team has developed, along with the more classical guided tours in the city, some incredibly unique experiences for living Venice in a way you wouldn’t expect to be possible. We can organize with the higher standard of services going from an insightful stroll in Venice to a private event in a Venetian Palace, form a lagoon exploration to an exclusive private dinner in special and unique location.


Main events in Venice